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Prime Organics, Inc.

After almost 20 years, Prime Organics, Inc. is no longer in business. Our Catalog Business has been transferred to CreaGen Biosciences, Inc. www.creagenbio.com Thank you all for your years to support and business.

Jon Kremsky, Ph.D., President and CEO, Prime Organics
Perry L. Catchings, Sr., COO

Please contact CreaGen Biosciences, Inc. to order broader array of organic and organometallic compounds. Stock items include nucleosides; rare amino acids; natural product semi-synthesis; heterocycles, such as indoles, azaindoles, chlorobenzimidazoles, and benzimidazolones; linkers and fluorescent dyes for oligonucleotide synthesis; combinatorial building blocks; alkylphosphines and other organophosphorus compounds; and other compounds for biopharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry development.

Prime Organics, Inc. was established in 1995 as a contract manufacturer of fine chemicals for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other chemical industries. We provide the expertise and capacity in organic synthesis and R&D for both companies who lack in-house resources and companies who need to supplement their existing resources. Prime Organics' products are used mainly in pharmaceutical development, either as intermediates or as final materials for pre-clinical testing.

The Prime Organics team has experience in a wide variety of chemistries, including heterocycles, natural products, DNA and RNA nucleosides, amino acids, chiral chemistry, steroids, polymers, catalysis, etc. We are equipped to handle alkyllithiums, Grignards, dissolving metal reductions, cyanations, halogenations, phosgene and more.

We love doing chemistry... and we're very good at it.

Facilities and Equipment:
  • 7300 square feet of lab space

  • 14 fume hoods

  • glassware up to 100L

  • Rotovaps up to 50L

  • Biotage 75 and 150 chromatography systems

  • Parr pressure reactors up to 2L at 2,000 psi

  • Ozonolysis apparatus

  • High and low-pressure hydrogenation units.


Agilent and Hitachi HPLC systems, FTIR, capillary GC, UV/vis, Karl Fischer, melting point apparatus, polarimeter and high-field NMR.

Prime Organics has executed reaction schemes up to 22 steps and has the capacity to handle reactions in 100L glass reactors. Coupled with 50L rotary evaporators, large-scale chromatography systems, and up to 500 gallons for precipitations, Prime Organics can deliver kilograms of complex products. Prime Organics has a laboratory dedicated to combinatorial chemistry that can produce and evaluate potential library schemes and groups of building blocks. Our analytical support laboratory includes Agilent and Hitachi HPLC systems, FTIR, capillary GC, UV/vis, Karl Fischer titrator, and high-field NMR.


Jonathan N. Kremsky, Ph.D., President and CEO

Dr. Jonathan N. Kremsky has more than 25 years experience in the synthesis, scale-up and production of organic chemicals. He is the founder of Prime Organics, Inc. Previously, he was the Director of Process Chemistry for the Milligen Division of Millipore Corporation and directly responsible for the manufacture of chemicals for DNA and peptide synthesis, including $3.5M in direct sales. Dr. Kremsky was the Senior Scientist for Millipore's Specialty Chemical Group, overseeing the R&D of new chemistry for chromatography products. Dr. Kremsky also worked several years at Genetics Institute as a member of the DNA chemistry group.

Dr. Kremsky is an adjunct Professor of Chemistry at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and a member of the Biological Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society. He is the author of seven publications and has two U.S. Patents. Dr. Kremsky received his B.S. in Chemistry from Michigan State University and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1983.

Perry L. Catchings, Sr., Executive Vice President & COO

Perry Catchings has more than 30 years of R&D, chemical scale-up, chemical manufacturing, and general management experience. Prior to joining Prime Organics in 1999, Perry was Senior Manager of the Chemical Synthesis Laboratory at Polaroid Corporation. He was responsible for an eighty-person-facility which served as a conduit for the transfer of technology from R&D, Development and Chemical Manufacturing. Mr. Catchings serves on the Board of Directors of the Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center and the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE). He holds an MBA (Northeastern University), an MS in Organic Chemistry (Atlanta University), and a BS in Chemistry (Jackson State University).

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